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Carolyn Berry

I was born and raised in Kansas but I have lived in many different places during my adult life.  My job experience includes teaching art, college admissions work, corporate telecommunications and floral designing.

I have always been a collector of objects, artifacts, and remnants of materials.   These things might stay in my studio for years before I find a "new life" for them.


The beauty and treachery of nature has become increasingly prominent in my work.  Fragile flowers, thorns, pods, bones and even dead creatures are preserved so that I can give them more time in my art universe.

As I walk around the world, I am compelled to pick objects or photograph subjects that catch my attention.  I am drawn to eroded or decaying surfaces, abandoned spaces and natural forms.  Even as a child, I loved going into old buildings and looking at antiques imagining how many other lives lived in that place or touched the objects left behind.  This interest has increased as I study my family genealogy.

Moving towards the end of my life, I look for answers mostly about living and dying from these sources and the ghosts of the past.


My Story